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Polisport Halo

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I wanted to write a post to say how happy I am with the Polisport Halo headlight I put on my bike. At 1.5 pounds (or was it 1 pound 5 oz?) it's a full 2 pounds lighter than the stock unit! And is much more compact (and stylish IMO). Two pounds off the handlebars? Yes, please!


With some judicious cable routing and wire wrangling you can actually get it to fit without having to resort to the supplied extenders. Makes for a very compact install. Quality seems good. I rarely ride at night so can't attest to its effectiveness as a light but don't think it'll be as good as stock. My primary objective was weight reduction and maybe improving on the style factor. I think this nails it.



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Ya, the light is not much more than an unlit candle  , maybe will be so-so as a daytime running light . I put a HID kit in mine on my TE510 but it still has a poor pattern but is much brighter . Ironically my stock Husky reflector bolted right in if I wanted to use that one and used the same bulb as does my '08 KTM525 XC. It does look ok and no trouble if not night riding.




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