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2 stroke compression

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I'm getting ready to refurbish a 78 DT400 thats been sitting in my garage collecting dust. Its in great shape with a title so I want to use it as a rider but the last time I rode it was about 2 or 3 years ago and it had a hard time pulling up a long hill on a hard road, I had to downshift twice to get up this hill at 50 mph (my wife's xt225 will pull this hill with no problem).  About a month ago I checked the compression with the decomp disabled and at WOT and it registered a consistant 125-127 psi.. Seems like good compression to me, what do you guiys think? I really don't want to tear down the engine but will do so if needed. I do plan on BBQing the exhaust just in case it is carboned up and also pulling the carb to clean it. This bike should have plenty of power to pull any hill. If I end up doing a top end I guess I'll have to do the crank seals also, how difficult are the seals to install? Thanks for any replies.

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