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Exhaust manifolds.

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Hey guys!


So, I am getting tired of replacing and putting RTV on my manifold to get it to stop splooging all over the front of my bike and boots....


I am looking at some exhaust manifolds for my 2002 cr125. I have done the PWK 38mm swap, the 05 airboot, etc. I am not really looking to improve any power (the thing is a monster now!) but I have found a couple of manifolds, but they all are very vague and have little to no reviews on them...


First is Swedetech. It has the original D shape and is CNC (would look pretty nice.) and it has o-rings all the way around it!! But I cannot find any reviews!!


Second is boyesen. A bit more expensive, says it boosts power (don’t really believe it) and once again. Very vague and no reviews.


Third is Pro circuit. Vague, don’t even know if it is o-ring style. Etc...


I am just wanting to know if anyone has a buddy that has gotten any of these or have personal experience with them? Any help would be appreciated!

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All I can tell you is i have a similar set up on the 500 and it works GREAT... 

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