New to xr600 electrical help


I just picked up a 96 xr600 this weekend! After riding home with the sun going down, I quickly realized I wanted more headlight. I believe it has the acerbis dhh halogen headlight and just isn't enough. So then my research lead me LED replacements and AC and DC circuits and stators and all that good stuff. 

I think I have a general understanding of it all, But just a few questions. Looking in the airbox, is that silver thing with fins the rectifier? It has Baja designs logo on it. 

What's the black box just forward of the silver one?

I notice there is a battery, the previous owner didn't even know it had a battery (he didn't have the bike real long) where do I get a battery pack like that?

How do I know if someone put in a rewound stator?

Anything else I should know about this before I start changing lights out?


Additionally, the bike has an FCR carb. It is mounted in the bike crooked (top towards left hand side of bike) because the frame is in the way. Is that proper? Or are there different manifolds I can use to get it straight up and down.

Thanks for your help





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So I have done further research and picking around the bike and answered some of my own questions.

The wiring appears to be from a Baja design kit, as the colors match their wiring diagram on their website for their general kick start kit and there are various BD parts. Then for whatever reason someone put on acerbis lights front and rear. 

The stator only had 3wires coming off, so I'm assuming it had stock stator.

I guess what I need to do now is find the led light I want, hook it up, turn it on, them make sure I'm getting enough voltage to charge the battery. If I'm not getting enough juice, I need to rewind. Does that sound about right?

My old baja kit used acerbis lights. Sounds like the stock stator. Black box is cdi. 650l manifold and heat and dent the tank for carb clearance. The stock stator should support a led light. 

Sounds like stock stator. Which can power a Cyclops bulb. But do a rewind and wind two poles (copy Ricky stator) if you have a Cyclops, use their reg/rec. But you probably have a BD one if you run leds now.

Get a different battery. But you don't need battery stored DC for anything. Not out of a battery. Just the leds wired after the reg/rec.

Get a Cyclops bulb.

An oem shop manual is cheaper than all of the products we've discussed.



Yes, a manual is on order. Thanks for the input. I was thinking the cyclops bulb is the way to go.

The manual is a book written by who invented and built the machine. Its my opinion owning it makes you a better mechanic-makes your bike better.
I have an xr6 with a rewound stator with two poles and a Cyclops and spark on one pole. And the other wire goes to an xr250l battery and runs a headlight "hi"(a low halogen, not a Cyclops, a "hi" by law but not bright, I never use it), turn signals, brake light, taillight.
I have another xr6 with a Ricky. I put a Cyclops in, and called them and asked if their reg rec was strong enough to run the Cyclops bulb and led turn signals. He said yes. So I wired them up. Now that xr6 has only a Ricky pumping AC, powering spark, taillight and the Cyclops reg rec to the Cyclops bulb and two signal relays and led bulbs. No battery.

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