What kind of fuel do you put in your DRZ?

Hey all, i'm from Australia and i've been putting 98 Premium into my bike but its going off pretty quick and im only getting 120ishKM per tank and i was wondering if i put a different kind of fuel in my bike would i get more KM per tank? thanks

I would maybe log different fuels to the kilometres your doing?

15 minutes ago, the-yellow-tractor said:

I would maybe log different fuels to the kilometres your doing?

ill chuck some different fuel in it tomorrow and try that thanks

Been using 87 RON since new, no probs.  E model (12.3) with thinner base gasket should use 91, 14:1 is the break point for 98-112 RON.

Common wives tale octane means more HP, this applies when intake, cam, compression and exhaust require anti detonation and flame speed to run properly.  Otherwise, you're pouring $$ out your exhaust. 

Here in South Africa we have 95 octane and 93 octane and although my SM performs better with 95 i do find that using 93 octane i seem to be getting better mileage and the engine seems to run quieter but i do notice a slight drop in performance.

Unless you have electronic engine management that can alter ignition and valve timing, the fuel octane will have zero effect on mileage. Fuel on a DRZ is metered by a fixed orifice, with fixed valve and ignition timing. Run cheap fuel.

The biggest effect on kpg is going to be how hard/often you twist the loud handle.  Australia?  Chances are you have the FCR pumper on it. A bike with the accelerator pump will get worse mileage than the equivalent bike with a Mikuni BSR on it unless you are careful how you roll into the throttle.  Big handfuls of throttle all the time with the FCR will squirt a lot more fuel.   

What is the gearing and type of riding when you get the low kpm?  Low gearing means higher rpm's = reduced mileage.  

Having said that 120 km per tank is pretty excessive fuel consumption.  Do you mean 120 k/tank before switching to reserve or is that going completely empty?  Riding aggressively I can force mileage down around 120 km before I switch over to reserve (35-40 mpg). 

RON specification are different around the world. Here in Australia we have 95 and 98 RON which does not compare apples for apples in other countries. 

The manual here says 95 Ron is recommended which is what I use. 98 Ron is of no benefit on these motors.

Currently, I am running my 2017 DRZ E bike as a Supermoto and changed the gearing to 44 - 15 which is great for the road. My trail Tech speedo is accurate according to my GPS. Interestingly, I rode 180KM the other day without hitting the reserve and this was not highway use.

I’m in the USA.. where I am only premium is available without ethanol (91 octane). All stock.. over the last 9k miles I average 65 mpg pretty consistently. Best was 74, worst was 58. 10 percent ethanol drops my mileage by 15-20 percent.

87 octane. 10% ethanol. There isn't much ethanol free near me. I don't usually worry about mileage. My gas mileage is inversely proportional to throttle opening. 


I burn leftover 32:1 in my drz.

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