Yz 85 or yz 125

Hi I’m 15 and I’m from Ireland. I can’t decide what bike to buy. I have no experience on dirt bikes(only small road bikes). I have been riding quads with about 10 years and I’m looking for a change. I can’t decide what to get a yz 125 or 85 since I’m only 5 4 and 55 kg. I have a lot of experience on quads so I’m not afraid of speed and power but I really don’t know much about bikes. Any advice would be appreciated .

Hi Adam,

What kind of land would you be riding on?  Woods?  Track?

 I am 14 and have been into dirt bikes for a few years.  I'm about 6 ft tall and about 70kg and i have a cr125.  It is diffidently not to big...In fact i might be ready to move up to a 250 2t or a 450.

According to my experience i would say a yz125 would be a little big for right now.

When i was about your size, about 3 years ago, i had a sx85 (ktm) and it was a little bit small but it was great to learn the 2 stroke on it.  If you go get a yz125 you might end up getting hurt and it would be so big you would feel as if the bike were controlling you not you controlling the bike.  

I feel like i can dominate and be in total control of my 125.  If you got one, idk if you'd like it.  So, start small.  85 2t


A four stroke might be a good option as well.    Like a crf230 or crf250.   The power is there in the 250 4t but it does not hit nearly as hard as your yz125 would.  By the way, yz's have the most aggressive, snappy powerband sooooo...

Any way let us know if you have any other questions i'd be glad to help!


I will be riding a mix of both track and woods, mostly woods but I really don’t like four strokes I will probably stick with a 2 stroke since all my quads are two stroke. Thanks for the advice 

Ok, but for bush riding a 4 stroke would be easier.  I hear you though....2 strokes are just better!

will you be buying used or new? i was same size but 13 and had a yz125 but it was too big so i got a yz85 but it got boring in a month so i went back to a 125 2-stroke and i couldn’t be happier, next step is a 250f. if i was you get a cheap 85, under 1k. ride for a month or so and once your used to it sell it and get a 125. also what kinda quads did you ride? 

you are still growing, make do with your stature for now and get the 125. The 85 will be lame by summer and too small.

I recommend a 125. You would outgrow the 85 before you knew it. Plus, the extra power of the 125 will be more fun on the track and in the bush, and will make things easier in the long run.


Best of luck! Let us know what you end up with. 

Thanks for all the replies guys I went down to Thebes dealership today and tried a 2017 yz 125 and tested it on their text track. It was a bit big but I absolutely loved the power I was really comfortable on the bike. I ride a yzf450 atv and will be selling it as I’m bored of quads so If everything goes good and I sell my quad I will probably buy a 2018 yz.(don’t think less of me I’m not rich I just worked hard with the last 3 years).

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