Anyone buy a Crf450rx lately?

Trying to get an idea of what the out the door price people are paying around the country. My buddy is in the market and our local dealer in Houston is quoting $9100 otd for a 17'. Thanks

That's a joke for a '17.  Keep shopping.

I just paid $9200 in Michigan.
Did I get ripped off?

All I know is I have two buddies that paid under $9,000 for brand new to dealers models when they first showed up.  Now it is clearance time and they should be going for under $8,500.  Heck, I can get brand new 2017 KX450's for $7,000 out the door right now.  I wouldn't say $9,200 is getting ripped off but spending some time shopping around should have saved you $500 or more unless pricing in your neck of the woods is different.  

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I paid $8500 plus tax last year, so if 9100 is OTD your right in there including tax. And the 17 still has the kicker. 

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