Video Tip: Riding Rutted Corners - Garrahan Off-Road Training

Hey TT'ers... Just a heads-up that I've posted another riding tip to my blog, this time on riding rutted corners. Give it a watch and hit me up in the comment section of my blog. I'm at the track and on the trail a lot, but I'll do my best. Lastly, if you want to be notified when I post new video riding tips, be sure to tap that "follow" button. Thanks for watching!

Brian Garrahan

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Great vids! Short & to the point with some great explainations. Keep them coming

I like the "sit down and get on the gas at the same time" instruction.  I never thought about doing that, but it's definitely something I need to practice.

I don't stand as far into the corner as I should and when I sit, I am definitely not getting on the throttle at the same time.


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