Husqvarna TC250 hesitate while accelerate

I own TC250 2010 and i have a problem with bogs and popping while accelerating

Motor starts very good in first kick at every conditions - cold or hot, idle running smoothly without problems but when throttle is turn on quickly motor starts bogging, seems like interruption during ignition process or somtehing like this and sometimes heard some popping/backfire form exhust.

The most interestant thing is that motor somethimes works perfectly from starting,sometimes starts working perfectly after riding lets say some time, arround half of hour.

I have cheked valves clearences, all ok, i have measured TPS sensor, values at close and open throttle position are ok, repleced spurk plug, clean spark plug connections, regulate the air screw mixture at 2 round out from close position, cleaned air filter so i have no more ideas

I repacked muffler few days ago and motor running worse after that, what is your experiances with muffler repack, i susepct that i have no refilled muffler tightly enoug with glass fiber so something wrong with backpressure??

But the main problems as i said is boging and unevenly acceration with some kind of igition interruption, maybe someone culd help me?


Below is video:


First place to look ought to be air leaks at the intake boot, or loose carb, then something causing too lean a mixture including a plugged jet of some kind. Doesn't seem ignition related to me.

Yup most likely starved for fuel.  I'm not familiar with the '10 Husky.  Is that a carb or fuel injected bike?  Does it have the in-line fuel filter like the current KTMs?  If so, I'd replace it.

I'm assuming it does this while you are riding the bike under load? Does it only do it if you open the throttle very quickly?  If you roll the throttle open more slowly does it happen?


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So i performed testing of motor again, motor starts ok, 1 to max 5 kick when cold, idle works perfectly (sound is good, might be ok), motor run good to about half of throttle opening, slowly, when trying to accelarate with throttle opening faster from about half to full throttle, motor starts hesitate and like in video above there was a sound like electric short circuit and hesitate/interruption or something like this.

When try to open throttle slowli to its end position and ven revs go up also heard some hesitate and popping sound from exhust.

Slow revving is a standard symptom of lean condition. Also, lean condition is heavily load sensitive, so it'll seem fine until you make demands of it - it will idle and run, for instance, but not "pull." Too MUCH fuel would run and sound different.

Since throttle position seems to be an issue, that tells you what circuit to look at. For a carb, it will be something like needle, and main jet. I'd pop the float bowl and look for dirt.

(I haven't been in a carb in 25 years, so...the latest bikes may be slightly different, but the concepts will be the same barring fuel injection...)

I can't believe but hesitation and other problems while accelerating is caused by elctrical contact corrosion, maybe becase too much moisture in my garage.

I clean all contact - TPS sensor contacts, stator external connector, spurg plug connector, ignition coul grounding contacts and blowig them with compressed air, motor works fine after that wothout any single problems!

But i did not figured out which contact makes me problems because i cleaned all i mentioned above.

So deffinitelly there is no problem with carburetor or valves because motor works very well.

A assumed there problem is in TPS sensor connector, bad contact or moisture came in contact between two pins and casued different resistance reading for ignition timing.

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