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'99 Husaberg 501 parts/info

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Hi, Steve here. I have acquired a '99 Husaberg 501 and am trying to put it back in service after it has sat for a few years. I am almost done, I think?. But still have a couple small items that I would like to talk to someone about before I finish and fire it up. If anyone knows where I can find a "parts manual" online, please let me know. I have found these and used them for several other brands and found them very helpful, with their exploded views of the different parts assemblies. Especially when, as in my case, the bike was apart when I got it. Also I have installed a new ignition system and THINK it is all hooked up correctly, but would really like to have someone with more knowledge, or a similar bike, confirm a connection or two. Any help would be appreciated. I am finding all kinds of parts and info from England but very little here in the States, especially for an older model like this. Thanks, Steve

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