front brake randomly lost pressure

I ride my '16 enduroR daily as a commuter and hit the dirt on weekends. After a good ride in the dirt a few weeks back I parked the bike for about 3 weeks as we've had alot of rain and colder temps (high single-digits celsius) here lately. Anyways, went to fire it up today to get 'er going again and I have no pressure in the front brake. If I pump it a bit it will occasionally bite a bit but it's straight-up not working properly. Any ideas??? No crashes or anything so I'm hoping to hell it's not the piston in the master-cyclinder – a $300+ repair. 

Outside of any obvious fluid leaks, your suspect doesn't sound far off unfortunately.

Very strange for the system to be intermittent.  Perhaps the bleed screw at the caliper has been leaking slightly and ingesting air and dust.  My suggestion would be to bleed the system if you find that the master cylinder is low on fluid.  Failing that rebuild the caliper with pistons and seals. It's rather simple. I can't imagine the parts required would be expensive.  The master cyl is the expensive part and it's only a replacement, no individual parts according to the pictorial.  On the other hand yours may have the ABS involved.  That I have no idea about.

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