ripped plastic

hello all, 

on the seat mount, one side of the plastic is ripped. 

Someone has tips how to repair this?




Plastic welder. New tab. Drill new hole.

^^ That would be the professional fix if done correctly.

There is plenty of fairly flat space, you could also use sheetmetal, or even plastic, cut to shape, riveted to the stock seat pan plastic, then drill it to form a new attachment point.

You can hold a nail with a vise grip and blowtorch it red hot and weld plastic with that. Its easy. But easy to eff up with an uncontrollable force. But that's the way I'd do it if I didn't have a machine. There's plenty of space to work with doing whatever.

Use a steel washer of the proper size and attach it over the bolt hole with super glue. Make sure the plastic is clean and grease free. 

Use automotive Panel Bond to glue a new piece of plastic on, trim to fit after its dry and drill a hole.

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