2018 TX300 Tool Kit?

Anyone who has purchased a 2018 TX300 in the US, did your bike come with any tools other than the Air Pump for the forks and springs for power-band?  I see a lot of Husqvarna owners mentioning nice tool kits coming with their bikes, mine didn't.   

Also, does anyone know the factual Horsepower # for the 18' TX300?

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They don’t include the tool kit anymore... bummer...

yeah, nothing but the above noted.

My 2017 Husqvarna TX300 came with no tool kit...Just the Air pump,Power valve springs and extra jets....

Same was true on my 17 FE501.  

Well... I may stand corrected... I heard last weekend that the 2018 TE 300 models came with a really nice tool kit (from a guy who had just bought one about a month ago).  So who knows...  I asked about it when I purchased  my 2017 back in March, and was told they weren’t doing it for 2017.

I think the toolkits are only included for the TE and FE models. I got an awesome toolkit and binder and manuals with my 17

18 te 300 came with nice little tool kit. 

My sons 18 years 250 came with tool kit.

I meant te 250 predictive text sux sometimes 

My 2017 TX300 came with this,ha ha.



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