Which online shop to buy valves from ?

Hey guys -- I don't have a KTM shop near my house so I need to place an order online.  Can anybody recommend a decent online shop with good prices on valvetrain components?  I will be looking for an intake valve with spring, retainer... the whole kit.   

Also, should I stay with titanium, or switch to stainless or whatever?   I don't race, and would prefer to save cost and make it more reliable with less maintenance, if possible.

This is for a 2016 350 XCF

After my internet search, I went with https://www.ktmpartspitstop.com

They had competitive prices, genuine KTM parts, and located within Michigan (closest to me) so shipping time is quick.

Edit   Misread post, my bad

Edited by yzrider53

I buy all my stuff from rockymountainatv.com can't say enough good things from working with them.

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