1991 kdx250 ring gap

Hey guys,

Finally got to start redoing my old kdx. I just pulled the top end off of it and pulled out the 22 year old weisco piston out of it. Got a new pro x piston on the way but can't seem to find any info on a ring gap for it. Anybody have any idea?

.5mm should be fine.  No idea what the spec is.  They're probably fine right out of the box.

kawasaki.com has the owner's manual for a free download. It MIGHT be in there.

I have not seen any rings needing filing in any of my builds. If you don't have a proper bore gauge, you can use a ring gap measurement to tell if your cylinder is getting out of spec. It will not tell you if the cylinder is done, but it will tell you enough to get it checked by someone who can measure it.  

Ring end gap is measured out by the cylinder bore width, witch is .04 thousandths per inch of bore width. EXAMPLE- for an 4 INCH bore ring end gap should be .016 thous . EXAMPLE- .04 THOUSANTHS PER INCH OF BORE x 4 INCH BORE = .016 THOUS RING END GAP .ETC,ETC

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