Yamaha TTR125 drum break/lever removal? How? Pics included

Hey i picked up a little 03 ttr125 a few weeks ago, the back break sticks and i know why but i am not sure how to remove the lever that the linkage connects to. The lever is positioned to far back so when you push down on the back break it pulls it to far and it causes to stick.


Anyways i just need to know how does this come off? I dont want to bend it just by pulling an man handling it, any technic or something else i need to do or what to get it off? Pics below of what i am referring to









Now that you have the bolt removed from the lever, placing a screwdriver in the 'split' and spread it slightly while pulling on the lever, it will pop off. Alternatively you can use a a small gear puller.

When re-installing it, you must put it in the EXACT same spot. Note the punch mark aligns with the slot in the lever. So also be sure when reinstalling that cam that you have oit so thje punch mark is facing the center.

Okay thanks will try that^! Its actually in the wrong spot atm which is why the break is sticking. I have another ttr to compare it to and this one is to far back so when the break is pressed is goes further than its supposed to and causes it to stick


I would say it's not the lever placement that's causing your problem. More likely it's the grooved drum and shoes.

21 minutes ago, Tbahr said:

I would say it's not the lever placement that's causing your problem. More likely it's the grooved drum and shoes.

not to mention the dirt, gunk & corrosion + that cam is probably dry as

Yeah ive figured that out now, I'm going to replace the shoes and pads

Pull the shaft out and clean, lightly sand , grease.  Have to do that with mine every now and then they start sticking. ,goodluck bud:thumbsup:

Clean all that crap out and the two dimples get lined up together.

An alternative to spreading it apart, try putting a flat blade screw driver flat side down on the back of the lever (if it fits!) and hit it outward with a hammer, this way you'll never crack or break the lever or damage the shaft! 

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For any future reference for others that read this thread, that is the incorrect position for the lever. The matching mark is supposed to be at around the 85 degree mark moving clock-wise from the gap that the photo shows its aligned with. This can be referenced in the manual 5-5, in the chapter about the chassis which is 5. 

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