Kx250f new topend help

Hi, I have a new topend in my bike, head, valves, buckets, everything except exhaust cam.

My intake cam is also new and when i put the holder on it, it is a little hard to move and when i tighten the bolts i cant move it at all(with my hands, not with motor i did not try it with motor) any ideas?

My exhaust cam moves fine no matter what.

Bolt or chunk of scrap pipe wrapped with emery cloth (1500 gr sand paper) and sand/ polish the journals in the cap and the head. Little, check, little, check, little check. Until when the cam is bolted in and torqued, you can turn it by hand with some slight friction, not stiff.


Takes about 10 minutes to do.

thanks man thats also what my brother told me so currently doing it 

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