Baja Light Kit in conjunction with Tusk

Hey all,


I utilize a Baja Light Kit but am looking to add a rear brake light in addition to just the turn signals which come along with the Baja kits. Theoretically, can I utilize a Tusk rear fender brake light in conjunction with the Baja system. It seems to me that I would have to employ two different switching systems on my handlebars to allow this as well as wire the rear fender brake light in a different way. Am I just a little crazy in the attempt of something like this?

Take power from the switched power source of the BD headlight, to the tail light, that power will also run through a brake switch then to the brake light and a sufficient ground to complete the circuit. It's a very good idea to utilize a relay, use the OEM key switch to activate the relay and pull power directly from the battery for any additional electrical accessories.  For an F model with stock stator, a volt meter is a welcomed addition as well to make sure that your accessories are not exceeding the stator capabilities to maintain the battery.   The headlight switch from the tusk kit has a off position which I use when trail riding and the light is not needed. 

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