whats a good year for their ktm 125


whats all the good year ktm 125 that has good power and good speed thanks

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Quite a difficult one to answer as it depends on your budget. The pre 2011 125s made more power and had a 39mm carb. Reason for this is the pds suspension is offset to the right allowing for a much straighter carb boot. In 2011 KTM changed to a 38mm in preparation for the linkage model in 2012 - this has a central shock and a rather curved airbox to accommodate it. Also the cc forks were much better (still not great) than the open cartridge. It's a moot point if the linkage is or pds was better on the small, light 125s. However Europe (not sure about you) got the absolutely light years ahead 125 in 2016 with the AER forks. Great bikes and certainly one to aim for if you have the money. As they say in most sport, stronger, fitter, faster (and lighter) out of the crate. Really is ready to race. My son has raced 125s at a pretty good level for some years and really rates the 16 on bike. We have our race engine well modified regardless as KTM still haven't got the transfers right but the praccy bike is pretty standard and is the business as well. Hope this helps a bit. Bob.

What hp are you getting with modified cylinders Bob ?

We didn't bother with a dyno as our race engines are done by Jason at 7T. He did Alexander Brown's motors and they were putting out 48bhp - we have the same work done as well - and the bike is unbelievably quick (and peeps think a 150 is fast), although not a lot of bottom end which isn't a problem for motocross. Lot more than just porting work though. Highly recommend him if your are looking for any stage of modification to your motor. Not that cheap, but you get what you pay for. Bob.

On ‎11‎/‎16‎/‎2017 at 5:37 PM, Johnno Callea said:

whats all the good year ktm 125 that has good power and good speed thanks

No fear. If you have to ask the question, back to the late 90's will keep you happy. Fast and reliable.

A good rider on a 1999 KTM 125 will get ahead of a newby on a 2017 every time. Heck, I watch a lot of guys on late model 250s get blown out of the water by a sharp kid on an old 125. it's 90% rider every time. Spend your money on gas and learn to ride it well.

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