2005 YZ 250 upper shock bearing install

This is a first time removing a pressed in bearing for me. So...

I pulled my rear shock last night by removing the retaining clip and then the upper bearing, due to play in it.  I want to confirm that I install the new bearing from the side that the retaining clip was on, then install the retaining clip?  In other words reverse the procedure to install the new bearing.  

Will the bearing stop as I press it in, even though there is no retaining clip on the side with the nitrogen canister?  Does it just stop when it’s fully pressed in? 

Should I press it in dry or use some grease?

Any input is appreciated.  

I have a different shock but Maybe press it in from the clip side and if it doesn't stop put in the clip then press it back the other way against the clip. A little grease shouldn't hurt anything. Hopefully somebody who really knows will chime in too!

I was thinking the same thing.  Maybe see if it stops and if not press it back towards the clip.  I’m guessing it will stop but not sure.

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