02' YZ426 full throttle issue

Hey guys,

Long story short, my bike wouldnt start after season. So I took the time, first time I've done it (Our mechanic sadly passed away), and shimmed it. Had to replace 3 I believe out of the 5. Put it back together, still had problems, so I tore it apart (top end only) And re-did the timing, and that seemed to be the issue. However, I pulled out the pilot screw not even thinking and I didn't get the amount of turns it was out. So I put it back to 1.5 (I believe factory). It struggles to get up to full throttle. When I slowly open up, it will be fine. But when I open it fast, it completely bogs out within seconds. What should I do with the screw, lean it or richen It? All carb screws are tight, and my air filter is cleaned out. And obviously I have gas in the tank lol. Any help is appreciated, Im trying to get this thing up by next week!

The pilot screw has nothing to so with your problem

You need to service the Accelerator pump system. The diaphragm is probably shot and the passages are probably partially clogged.

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