2003 DR-Z400S wont run without choke, bogs down when given gas.

I have a 2003 DR-Z400S that I can't seem to, for the life of me, get working properly. The bike wont run without the choke being on and it will die as soon as you let off the gas. I know the carb is clean, I've spent literal days cleaning it making sure every hole is open and clear, gas is fresh, almost the whole fuel delivery system is new, PLEASE HELP!

Hmmm...sounds like a way too lean condition. Vacuum line to petcock not installed or broken? Air leak around intake boot?

Or fuel mixture screw setting incorrect.
Or float level way too low.
Or slide needle incorrectly installed (all washers and spacers in correct order and position?)

ill add oil in the gas ?


pull the dipstick and smell it if it smells like gas its inthere if its fuller than you filled it w oil its got gas in it.

Have you change he plug?

Could be a diaphragm air leak.   Did the bike sit up?  Do you have a friend with a carb you can try?

Btw.... my plug just went bad and it run just like you are describing.  

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