I need opinions comparing RMZ450 to YZ450F

I have ridden a 2008 YZ450F with an Enzo revalve since 2009.  I race Vet B class, and it is difficult to be competitive in holeshots and exiting corners against the FI bikes.  I want to stay away from air forks, and I have no experience with the SFF fork that Suzuki ran from 13-14.  My YZ450F has been bullet proof, but I have read about how well an RMZ450 corners. I am trying to decide between a 2011-2014 RMZ450 and a 2012-2015 YZ450F.  My main question is comparing the 2008 SSS fork to the forks Suzuki ran from 2011-2014.

I really need to hear from the guys that have experience on both bikes.  Thanks!

No opinions?

I have a buddy that went from an 06 CRF250R to a2014 RMZ450 and raves about the RMZ450 for motocross.  I have read magazine shoot outs, but those are opinions from mostly pro riders.  Can anyone give me a comparison of any RMZ450 (even the older ones) to an 08 YZ450F.  Are any of the other bikes forks really that bad compared to the SSS on my bike, or does it take an expert to tell the difference?

Buy an '11 or '12 rmz and you will be happy as a clam. Don't waste your time with a '13 or '14. '11 and '12 had great forks and great suspension overall. Bike corners like it's on rails. Just like buying any used bike, make sure it was taken care of and you will have no problems with the rmz from a reliability standpoint. I have well over 400 hours on mine and I've rebuilt the bottom end once (bad bearing)and the top end 3-4 times. Thing has been very reliable. 

I agree. I was not a fan of the 06-09 YZ450F handling. I would say the Suzuki will be a nice improvement over your YZF and the suspension is still pretty good (with some work it is very good). But the handling of those Suzukis is great. Now if you can swing a '14+ YZ450F then I might think more about the YZF but I would take a 12 RMZ over any of the YZFs up until that point, just because the handling is so good and the bike is just very easy to ride and go fast on. 

Thanks guys!

The plastic piston in my SSS fork exploded back in '09, so when I had the revalve done, the replacement piston was drilled to prevent this.  There was a post on Thumpertalk that once the plastic piston is drilled, the SSS operates identically to the Showa 37 mm on the older RMZ's.  I assume that I will need a revalve because by race weight is 205 lbs.

I’ve got my 14 up for sale haha. I’ve had an 11 and a 14 before and I can say that the 14 frame is more rigid. I’ve had the suspension revalved and set my weight and been happy. You get some more feedback from the chassis but some people may like as you can feel more of what the bike is doing. My 11 I also revalved from brand new and had coating issues with the forks and fork seals leaking every 10 hours the whole time I owned the bike so I really hated that suspension having to get it rebuilt all the time. As long as you get one and go through it and set it up for you I’m thinking you’ll be fine and love it compared to that generation of Yamaha.

I went from an 09 YZ450F to a 2013 RMZ 450.  I love the RMZ, my only wish is for Estart.   I had the suspension done from FC and it's fantastic.  You can get a bike in any of the years you noted and as long as you get the suspension set up for you (which you should do anyway IMO), you will really like it.  You should instantly feel comfortable going from an 06-09 YZ to the 11-14 RMZ, the bikes feel very similar in terms of size and ergonomics.  But the EFI is really nice compared to the 06-09 YZs and the bike turns like a Zook turns.  Very smooth, usable power.  Reliability has been rock solid just like the Yami was.  My advice is, get the suspension done for you by a good suspension company and when riding, "shift with a purpose".  Sometimes it can get hung up with a false neutral if you get lazy shifting.  Doesn't hurt to get an aftermarket shift lever either.  Outside of that, you will love the bike.  I think it's a great value bike.

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