150cc enduro

Hi I need help with a 150cc enduro that was running fine but now is starting to cut out and not run for more than a second or so. I got it off a trade and don't know much about it but it has clean title so I would like to get it running good. When I bought it, it didn't run so I replaced cdi and it got spark then ran good for about 20 min the cut out and wouldn't start anymore. I left it for a day, then started and idled fine but then died after 3 min. I replaced the ignition coil and now it only will run off starting fluid for about a second, any ideas? It still has spark. Any help would be much appreciated!

It sounds like the jets in the carburetor are plugged. You need to pull the carb and give it a good cleaning.:thumbsup:

Did that, carb looked brand new... although it does leak a bit out of the overflow. Could that have to do with anything??

Yes if it's been siting for a while ti gets plugged up.

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