Valve noise ? Honda CRF 450 2008



My Honda CRF 450 2008 has a ticking sound that goes with rpm. Valve clearance should be 0.28mm +-0.03mm on exhaust side my left one is 0.30-0.32 not sure if the feeler gauge shows the right cause measuring with micrometer it shows 0.32. I post a video that I think catch the noise good, since the YouTube videos I’ve found is to much moving around the bike and revvvvviiinngggg!


My main question, is this the valve making the sound shins on the way so I’ll figure it out soon.





Feel good to subscribe to haha ;)

When I was an auto tech, the first thing we did was isolate the ticking sound. We'd place a wooden rod (cut off broom stick) to our ear and put the other end against different points on the engine until we found it. 

Once you know where it's coming from, it's easier to diagnose it.


Sounds normal to me.

Thanks for the tips about the wooden rod. I could hear the sound from the head cover. But not down low.

So hope the shims arrive soon! :)

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