Sachs 48 stack for Beta 250 RR

Hello all,

I have a 2016 Beta 250 RR used for Enduro rides only. I am 67 kg naked and the spring are original. I feel that the fork is harsh on the small but fast bumps like stones and roots. I am looking for more comfort but I don't now how to manage the different shim location.  I would like to try a different stacking with the same shims because I can't afford them now. The mid valve piston has no bleed hole and the float is 0,25 mm. Any ideas? Attached the original valving from Beta (checked) and a photo of the mid valve.





Are you sure the springs are soft enough ? As the valving looks soft ?

You need to post up what you have now as its different to what you have listed. Also post up the base that you have. Check your spring preload and have the springs measured someone has been playing in there I think. 


hello, the fork is all original, spring and preload and base valve stack. I shall check the midvalve stack and report

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