Klx140G vs TTR230

I can get a 2018 klx or 2017 230 for the same price.   New to bikes, which one would y'all think is the better bike.  I'm hearing the klx is a little more peppy at the low end with the Yammy having the higher top end.  


Thanks in advance 

I think that all depends on a few factors:  height, weight, age,as well as your future motorcycle goals.  Are you looking to progress to a big trail ride or  just piddle around the farm a little?


my buddy got a 230 and rode it for a month and regrets buying it there kinda sluggish but if your doing trails go for it wouldn't recommend it for the track or hare scrambles at all, get a 125 if your gonna be doing that stuff

As others have mentioned is depends on your height, weight and intended usage.

Perhaps neither one is suited if you intend on faster paced or eventual MX track riding it.


But if I had to choose between those, pending it's for 

tight trail & slow paced recreational use, I'd buy the KLX140G over the TTr230. 

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