The Dubinky Drone Experiment (Video)

Just purchased a mavic pro drone and promptly headed with the dirtbikes to White Wash Utah for a test run. Video turned out pretty good. Surprisingly easy to fly. My son did most of the piloting.




What fun! Thanks for sharing this.

I rode there a few years ago, brought back good memories, thanks for sharing!

Went well with an AM cup of coffee. Thanks.

I want to see that thing in full follow me mode chasing the kid around the wash. That's where the drone really shines. Setup is easy, set altitude, train it on who you want to follow and let it go. I wish I had that much open space where I am. Keep up the good work

We're eager to try out all the drone features. Planning to sneak out to the Knolls on wednesday before thanksgiving. Using the follow me settings are on the top of our list is a good place to find things out about the drone. Im looking forward to bringing mine down there

this spring. Going along in my pack so I can get some good vid of the swell

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