airbox mod?

After buying my '17 FC250 I read a few reviews about the airbox being restricted, and it was suggested that drilling a few holes might be useful.

anyone done this?


IMG_20170623_144418.jpg. 1 inch holes......these filtered plugs are available on ebay for a few bucks

IMG_20170623_144418.jpg.6d19e5cab13b8b92a7502e59b928673c.jpg. 1 inch holes......these filtered plugs are available on ebay for a few bucks

I also removed the reeds inside the airbox.....

good deal, thanks...was there a noticeable difference?

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Yess but you have to increase the fuel,...up the TPS...

Not familiar with this bike's airbox. When opening airbox for more air, always try to open from the top so you don't lower the intake level for crossing streams/rivers. 

I purchased a 2017 FC350 this year and was lucky enough to pick Dave Feeney’s brain Rockstar Husqvarna mechanic for Zach Osborne) about airbox mods he suggested cutting the battery box back to allow more air to flow in through the air inlets at the back 


evwn though they still their side plates he said they often tape them up on a wet track so it wasn’t super critical. He suggested opening up the exhaust system to allow more air. I missed the airbox as they did, (see pics of Zack’s bike)) and went with a ProCircuit 6.1. Haven’t had much Seat time yet but it seems to have a lot more grunt especially on the bottom end. 


You can can trim down a lot of the back of battery box but they were warned from the Factory NOT to cut the subframe...




FC450 owner here. I put holes in the battery tray next to the subframe. They are up high. I also added a 2 stroke air filter cage. I also changed my TPS from .52 to .56. The pipe should open it right up all by itself. 

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I've been considering this also. I think I'm going to get an exhaust first and see how that is. I really don't want to trim any of the plastic, although I do like that set-up @filwell77

This is especially useful when you mod the bike. The 17 KX250F comes with an airbox that is covered completely on one side, and I cut this out since I have a mod motor in my race bike. Seems like it has helped a lot. To a certain extent... more air in = more fuel in = more power.

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