Slimming up the 2010-2013 YZ450

Ive done a good bit of poking around here trying to find any way to slim up my front end on my 2012. I know the Cycra plastics will slim it up some and give it a better feel but I was wondering if anyone knew any tricks with the radiators? Ive seen somewhere where the radiator mounts on the frame were shaved down to a degree which freed up some space. Anyone know of anything else that i'm not seeing here? I plan on keeping this bike for a few more years and I certainly dont mind sinking a little change into some design changes which help the overall feel of the front end. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I have looked into this, as I have a 2010 that I am not getting rid of either. I think the only way to do this would be to have slimmer custom radiators made for the bike, but then you run into the problem of modifying the plastic to accommodate the slimmer radiators. I most cases this would not be to hard, but the air intake/shroud combo makes it a pain. I have the Cycra shrouds on my bike, and they helped quite a bit, but it is still fairly wide right in that area.

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