First ride for the year

Finally got the L out from the winters sleep, lots of snow in the woods yet, so the trails are not an option, but the gravel roads are bare and muddy. An occasional creek has overflowed its banks due to frozen or plugged culverts and are running over the road making for some sloppy riding opportunities. Put about 30 miles on yesterday, 59 degrees and sunshine, sure was nice to get in the saddle again. Now the bike and the operators gear need a serious bath. :)

Welcome back to the land of the living, living to ride that is.

Snow? Woods? What are those things? I have heard of them and even seen pictures I think, not sure. haha. Too bad you're not from down here man, it's year round riding for the most part, but once in January it got really cold, about 45 or something, brrr!

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