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2004 Yamaha Rhino won't run-kinda?

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2004 Yamaha Rhino Everything stock. Wouldn't idle. Now idles well and runs good at full throttle. But doesn't want to run between 1/4 and 3/4 throttle. Here is what has been done so far. New fuel filter, new fuel pump, carb cleaned and stock kit installed. Did not replace needle set as stock appeared to be steel and no visable wear. Air fuel screw was set at 1 and 3/4 turns out. Adjusted to 1 1/4 as it was about 1 turn when I took it out. Didn't think it would make any diff, and it didn't. Fuel system has a priming bulb on intake side of pump. Pulling choke out makes no differance at all.  Used my smoke machine(cigar) and checked for vacuum leaks on both sides of the carb and found no leaks. Backed fuel/air mix screw out to 4 turns. This made little, if any differance. Also there is a little blue/white smoke when it is missing. Are we sure this is a carb problem or could it be something else? If so will an hrs 42 solve my problem? Any ideas about what problem might be and/or next steps to take would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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