XL600R timing issue

Hello Everyone,


I just put a new transmission in my brother's xl600R (1985) and now the bike is hard to start, runs like crap, and kicks back like crazy.  Maybe the timing is off a tooth??  I used the Honda manual but I am a little confused about the "T" mark.  Should I set the lower end to the vertical mark right next to the letter T or make sure the letter T itself is straight up in the hole?


Thank you.



The vertical line next to the T.

The solution - although the Honda manual says the Pulse Generator Rotor can only go on the crankshaft in one position, that isn't the case - at least not with my bike.  I found three radial location whereas the Rotor would slide on.  To pick the right one, align the flywheel to the F mark and the Rotor tab should be centered on the pulse generator.  I hope this helps someone else in the future :-)

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