hi I have an rm85 03 my uncle wound it out in 3rd and came off now it hard to keep the revs up and doesn't hit powerban also very sluggish what could be the issue 

Sounds like it needs a new top end. Do a compression test a see what you get. Is it smoking more than usual? Could also be a crank seal on the trans side, also maybe reeds but I doubt it. 

Alright thank you

How do you do a compression test 

Migh have broke a reed.

37 minutes ago, Blake Stephens said:

How do you do a compression test 

You need a compression tester and a spark plug socket+ratchet to remove the spark plug.



My cr 125 was very sluggish and would not hit the powerband but then I put a new piston ring in it and now she screams

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