how fast does a cr125 go stock and with mods such as reeds pipe and stuff


hi guys, i maybe buying a cr125 and was wondering how fast it goes stock and how fast it would go with mods such as a pipe and reeds 

Simple bolt ons don’t do much to increase power with cr125 they are mostly used to fine tune the power.. depends what you’re useing it for. I️ have a cr125 track racebike that I️ love and is plenty fast when the engine is built right. If you’re using it for mainly trail riding don’t worry about how fast it goes. Worry about learning how to ride a 2-stroke in that good ole sweet power band

nah i aint using it for trail. mostly track use


What year is it? The best upgrade I️ made on my cr125 was buying a new carb from JD Jetting. They send you one perfectly jetted for your altitude. All you have to do is make minor adjustment. It will make your engine so much more crisp and responsive. Bolt ons don’t hurt. Make sure you rebuild the top end first things. Without proper compression 125s run like poop

how much you think your cr can go and its 2001, things got a dinted pipe but replacing it 

how much you think your cr can go and its 2001, things got a dinted pipe but replacing it 

Honestly probably tops out at 65mph I️ have it geared higher for more toque for these tight SoCal tracks

thats alright tbh

Not about how fast it is but how fast it gets there:ride: that's what you want. I'll guarantee its fast enough on track for you. Twisting the throttle is better than any hop up remember that :thumbsup: goodluck 

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