Mellowing the 2017

I know it sounds like blasphemy and I would agree...but....I tried to convince the wife to look at a different bike and she wouldn't have it.  She rode a 2007 yz250f since it was new and was comfortable on that one, but the 2017 is a weapon in comparison.  I have a tuner and have changed the map to the loose or slippery conditions map and it still too aggressive.  I would get her a different bike but don't want to take a hit on the resale.  So...does anyone have a good map that softens the bike and possibly a recommended flywheel weight?  Thanks.

You are on the right track with the flywheel weight however I have no idea how much weight. A throttle tamer would also probably help.

Change the gearing 1 or 2 teeth in the rear. 

I’m a female rider in my mid 40s used have a 2004 YZ250F, sold it 2008 stopped riding for a while, picked up an IT200N for vintage riding. Now I have added the 2015 YZ250FX to my shed and absolutely love it. My riding has changed from 10 years ago when I predominantly raced, to mostly out on the trails. The fx has excellent power & it’s just not as angry as the mx bike, heavier fly wheel, wider ratio gearbox and 13/51 (stock) gearing. Elec start and nicer suspension. Haven’t fiddled with the mapping as yet. I would never go back to the F now. Also people babble on about the fx being heavier- it’s rubbish, bike it beautifully balanced. It’s only heavy when you are lying underneath it (but then what bike wouldn’t be)
Just my 2 cents worth


Well I did some more looking and the only flywheel weighting I see is the GYTR one, and of course that means it comes with GYTR pricing.  I may try the sprocket change but i don't want her to loose that ability to chug from low in the rpm's to get up some of the hills so I'm gonna try the GYTR product first.  I think the wider ratio gearbox would have been good for her, but she was one of those people who was adamant about not having the extra weight.  Thanks for the input all.

Still would like to know if somebody (possibly woods/trail riders) has tried some alternate maps not publicized in the tuning guide.

go down a tooth in the rear.

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I went down 2 teeth in the rear. Smoothed the response, still plenty of power and 1st is still super low. It stretched out 2,3 and 4 flows much better in the woods.

Smooth linear map is good.

Make sure your idle is set to spec and that the throttle cable slack is also. 

GYTR and Steahly both offer 7oz flywheels but not sure that would be very noticeable.

Any chance the WR flywheel is heavier and interchangeable ? 


Steahly is probably cheaper than the GYTR..

7oz when added all to the outer edge of the flywheel will make a noticeable difference. The heavier plate style weights used on 2 strokes carry a certain amount of their inertial weight closer to the center and are a bit less effective ounce for ounce than ones like this.


Look into the G2 Throttle Cams.  I had one on a mean bike I rode in the woods and it helps a great deal with sudden throttle response.

  So with the loose/slippery mapping, I am going to add the throttle tamer and drop a tooth and see where we are from there.  Thanks for the replies.

I have the G2 Dirt Tamer on my '17 FX and I like it a lot.   Make sure that you get the correct one for your specific bike.

G2 Throttle Tamer was a bigger improvement on my 15 CRF250X than the flywheel.  Flywheel helpful, but TT gamechanger.  

Throttle tamer.

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