radiator replacement 2016 te

bent my radiator a bit and want to find a new one looked in ebay all i could find are chain's rads like gpi anyone has any experience with any of the aftermarket brandes

i am thinking of as3 from the u.k they are a bit expensive but  looks pretty good 

Send it to Mylers in Utah. They have fixed over 70,000 radiators. They will make it good as new.

That would've been grate if I wasn't living in the middle east (not u.s) and since it a at least 10 years keep  bike I wold buy a scend set before I sand mine off but thanks 

I bent mine as well.  But after watching a video on youtube of a guys who were smashed in way worse than mine, I thought I could try bending them back.  I didn't even remove them from my bike.  If I was wanted to bend the one out on the clutch side I would sit on the front brake side and put the 1x4 on the outer lip on the clutch side radiator and hit the 1x4 with a hammer.  It worked great.  Once I got them straightened back out I installed Bulletproof radiator guards.

If you can get it straight and not leaking-run it. If you want the ultimate, our product is carried by Parts Europe in Germany (they ship all over).

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