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'16 701SM Dyno Tuned

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Well, I finally got around to getting my bike tuned professionally! I ended up going to Nels at 2Wheel Dynoworks in Kirkland, Washington. If you're in the area and need a tune, he's the guy to go to! 

List of motor mods:
1. Wings exhaust (no db killer)
2. Rottweiler intake
3. SAS/Evap delete kit
4. Rally cam
5. PC5

I wasn't able to get a baseline on my bike when it was stock but other 701s ran low to mid 50s in stock form on the same dyno. Final numbers are 69.54hp and nearly 53lbs of torque, that's a 20% increase over stock! Some interesting things to note:

1. The PC5, due to being a piggyback unit and having a slow processor, actually has a minor delay before it's able to adjust fuel and ignition trims. The dyno picks it up, but you won't notice it when riding the bike. 
2. The rally cam from the evo 2 kit works great on this bike! You'll lose a little bottom end (still more than a stock bike), but gain a much meatier midrange and a decent top end.
3. ~70rwhp is about the limit for these bikes. During the tuning session, the duty cycle was at 100%. So if you want to make more power, I recommend shopping for upgraded injectors.

Now it's time to put some effort into the suspension and brakes :D



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21 hours ago, Bryan Bosch said:

I can only imagine how much fun 17s are. The knobbies are already a hoot.

My buddy had his 17 tuned on the same dyno right after me. Made 2 more hp up top, whereas mine made more midrange.

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