Broken rear Hub, bought replacement, shipped to Africa, rotor not in line. Please help!

The rear hub on my 2003 XR650R broke, I bought a 2005 off of ebay and had it shipped here to Senegal.

Rim looks identical to the original, collars are identical to original, distance between back of rotor to back of sprocket is identical to the original. The sprocket side collar on the original sits about 1.8 mm higher than the replacement wheel as shown in the picture. The wheel fit perfectly so I'm pretty sure it is off of an XR650R.

The rotor does not line up as the original did, it is about 3 mm to the left of where it should be. There is no way could I fit my new brake pads. 

Is there a fix (simple) that won't require going to a sketchy machine shop?

Thanks in advance, Stephen


Wheel Drama.JPG

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It looks like the caliper just floated a bit to the right to me and the rotor is in the same location on both?

In post pictures, the caliper housing is bolted in place so it really cant move around. The rotor is definitely to the left.

:facepalm:   It's a FLOATING CALIPER. Piston on one side , the caliper floats to be able to keep the disc centered. PUSH ON THE CALIPER.

Caliper bracket/pins likely need a disassembly, cleaning and pins lubed with hi-temp brake grease.

Thank you, I'll do that! Appreciate it!

You guys nailed it! Very stuck. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

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