Sowman Films, some of the better videos out there...

Been watching some of his stuff for years, still some of the best 'grassroots' racing videos out there... 

Race Video Starts at 1:15 mark

Race Video Starts at 1:10 mark


Yup. Good stuff. 

For a country like New Zealand that one series they have is crazy fast stuff! Like non rutted GNCC stuff.

I'm surprised homies shock @1:55 didn't get ejected straight up his &%$#@!. I don't really have anything to do with off road. But that race looks wild

Paul Whidbley is riding GNCC here in the 125cc class for Hawkins/Factory Yamaha team this year

Thanks for sharing this.

Great channel.

Beats the daylights out of the crap being made here by Monster, “Dirtshark” and some of the others


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