CRF150F Upgrades

Hi All! 

I have a 2006 CRF 150F. Love the bike, just looking for more power. Its the perfect bike for me so I would rather just upgrade this one. I have added a Pro Circuit exhaust, model T4 and changed the jetting. It has really livened the bike up. I was thinking about a big bore kit. What is the best one to use for this bike? Also is there anything I can do to the suspension? 

Thanks so much for the help! 


Bruce Tripplet for the suspension.


EO for the engine kit


X2 on Bruce Tripplet for the suspension
another option for engine kits

Great, was not aware that Terry had engine parts available for the 2006 and newer 150f.

What parts does he offer?

Well to be honest I'm not specifically sure as I don't have a 150f.  However Terry is well versed with the small Honda engines.  It would definitely be worth a call IMO.

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