1996 xr600r carb gasket kit

My second bike that is chronically being fed lousy fuel is not running well 20-90 percent throttle.  Runs perfect idle to 2500rpm, runs real strong wide open. 

Bike ran perfect for the last 5 years until august


Im thinking my needle seat and needle are corroded and i will be tearing the carb down and cleaning every part i can.


Where can i get new gasket kit?


What is best to get the coppery green colored corrosion cleaned off brass parts?



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Copy.  Thanks four the link to the kit.  Seems it mighy be tough to get the pad inside the jets/seats.


Im gonna go with new style carb dip and do some scrubbing i guess.   I might be wrong but the needle seat could be hard to find part to replace?  I was thinking of just replacing jets and needle.

those kits come with everything you need - just need to check what jet sizes you are running

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