Anyone know how to remove heat shield under gas tank to change spark plug?

Hey folks, I just cracked this darn $30 piece of plastic to change the plug in my 2012 yz450f, because I don’t know how the rivets come out. Can anyone help me? If I can figure out how to get these out without ruining them, I can super glue to the shield back together and reuse it. I pulled on the shield since I couldn’t figure out how to get the rivets out and cracked it. Below are pics of the rivets I need help with. THANK YOU!!





Press the center of them down and then the whole fastener pulls out.

Man, is that it? Just clean the heck out of them and then push down? They’ll go back in fine? I’m used to the plastic rivets for atv’s where you put a flathead screw driver under the center piece in two places at once and then push up. Anyway, Thank you very much, I just didn’t want to crack another part trying to change this plug. 

Yes the center will press in. Once you pull the whole fastener out you'll understand how they work. To reinstall you pull the center pin up, insert the fastener, then push pin in flush to lock.

Worked like a charm. Thanks. I wish I had asked before I went to far. Ah well, live and learn. Thanks again 

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