Yz450f tire size

I have a 2008 yz450f with a maxxis desert IT 120-90-19 rear tire, and it looks massive with the 90-90-21 tire I have in front. What would be a good front tire size I could put on so it even's it out a bit more and makes it look not so odd?

Wouldn't worry about how it looks honestly, I'd just use what works with the bike/terrain the best.

Maxxis makes the Desert I/T in 90/100-21 as well, I ran one for a season on my CRF250X.


Although it offered better rim protection and bump absorption on rough rocky trails,

the larger/heavier tire made for a slow and heavy steering bike, even at moderate trail speeds.

I went back to the standard 80/100-21 when it was due to replace and immediately noticed better handling.


Same with the rear, tried a 110/100-18 for only three rides and switched back to a 100/100-18 (stock size).


In theory your 90/90 is the same height as a 80/100, only a bit wider.

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