Starting issues

Hi all,

i could use some of your ideas. I’ve had to let my 2000 wr400 sit about about a year and a half, due to work issues. Now I’m back and trying to get it started! 

I know the usual starting procedure. Problems seems to be sticky valves, ( I can sometimes kick it past compression) and it will only fire sometimes with the hot start open. It will run for a second or two before dying. I have taken the carb out, cleaned the float chamber and jets, and checked it all out. Spark plug is sparking ok. I know some but not much. 

Any more ideas? Can’t wait to get back on board!

Thanks, Pete


Sounds like a plugged pilot jet. They are hard to clean. Buy a new one. 

Thanks Steve, any clues how I tell which jet it is??

The pilot jet looks like this. 


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