Stator installed and timing may be out

I installed a new Stator after checking my old one and finding it earthing. I installed the stator as per the DIY on TT and all went well. When I tried to start the bike it wouldn't it just backfired on occasion. I checked spark and that was fine, fuel is fine, I just rebuilt the carb, I had the petcock off as it was leaned over so pretty sure it wasn't flooded. I was stumped but then I remembered reading about a similar thing many years ago in an old Dirt Bike magazine. (Thanks Super Hunky). Any way what if I have the stator in but not aligned correctly? Can I swap a wire and get it back right, or do I take the stator out and start again? I bought the stator out of Australia (I am a Kiwi) and I suspect it's a repacked Chinese cheapy. I couldn't see how else it could be fitted but the bracket holding the wiring loom out of the stator was different to the factory one. My bike is 2003 Green DRZs.

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If you have spark, at least the wires to the CDI are right. Common problem is the little black box (crank position sensor) is installed wrong. I know you might think it can only go in one way but people are clever....

Lets start from the beginning.  You replaced the stator - why?  It was earthing, so it was not charging the battery but did the motor still run (with a charged battery)?  This is important to eliminate other problems.  How long ago was that?

Does not run with the new stator - Assuming it still ran with the old stator we can probably assume the "no run" condition is due to the new stator.  Common problems are the pick up coil is installed backwards (the magnet needs to face the flywheel).  The wires are reversed in the small plug to the CDI box. (the black and the white wires are the usual suspects. They can be disengaged from the connector and swapped. You might need to try all 4 possibilities swapping black/white and green/blue. But do not mix black/white green/blue positions) Wires cut or grounded on installation. Or simply the cheepo stator is no good.

Assuming it did still run with the old stator that can be re-installed to verify the "no run" condition is the new stator.

What William1 said :thumbsup:

Just rebuilding the carb was mentioned , was it ran after or did the get done at the same time of the stator swap ?




Ok so to clarify a few things the bike started and ran with the rebuilt carb and old stator. It would not charge and the testing showed the old stator had earthed. I did swap the black and white leads to the CDI as I had read that before somewhere. I have not swapped the green and blue wires. I paid specific attention to the direction of the crank position sensor, magnet towards flywheel, so that should not be a problem. I will swap the blue and green wires and see what happens. I guess after that its pull the new stator and double check everything.

Just went and swapped blue and green; no luck. While they were swapped I also swapped black and white to see if that made a difference and again nothing. When I first got the bike it had not been running for 2 years, the needle was stuck so when I rebuilt it (2 weeks ago) It fired up within 2 seconds of pushing the button and two rides (1/2 hour before battery died) showed it ran very well indeed. 

Just to clarify, what model is this?  Worth checking the easy things. Power to the CDI? (12 vdc on the orange or orange with white wire).  Side stand interlock wire (if there is one) grounded?  (green wire in the larger CDI plug).  If no side stand interlock then is the kill wire (black with yellow stripe) open circuit?  You say there is spark but it may not be continuous.

If you find no obvious problems then I'd re-install the old stator to prove it runs.  If so, go looking for a good replacement stator.

Curious who is the stator manufacturer?

Not sure if this is relevant but you might have the wrong stator.  Suzuki DRZ400(generic) is (was) produced in 4 different models - DRZ400(kick start only), DRZ400E, DRZ400S and DRZ400SM. E, S, and SM all use the same stator.  But the DRZ400(kick start only) model uses a different stator and the pick up is located in a different place in the case.  What is confusing is if the designation "DRZ400" is used to mean generic or if it refers specifically to the DRZ400 kick start model.  The stator listed above is for DRZ400?????

Thanks Noble that's very good information. I could we have the wrong stator.

Common stator install issues.

  1. Pick up installed upside down.
  2. Pick up wires not routed under guide correctly, bike starts then dies quickly as the flywheel rubs through wire insulation. 
  3. Stator wiring at plug is incorrect 

    The DRZ400 (kick start only version) stator will fit into the cover of an E, S, SM, but the pick up and wiring can not be correctly installed 


Problem solved the new pickup was faulty. I used the original pickup with the new stator.

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