cr125 2003 top speed


hi guys, does anyone know how fast a 2003 cr125 would go with a fmf fatty pipe and shorty 

Fast enough.

Obviously gearing/sprockets will have an effect but more importantly dirt bike shrouds and the front number plate act like parachutes causing significant drag once you get up near and past 60mph, not to mention the rider themselves.  Air drag becomes quite obvious on a bike when you get past 80mph so even with tall gearing dirt bikes don't typically have a high top speed even when the engine is quite capable power wise.

A 30hp 250/300cc 4t sport bike can get up around 105mph give or take.  With that being said the potential of the cr125 engine is there but gearing and aerodynamics hold it back to probably somewhere in the 60-70mph range give or take i would guess?  But they aren't built for top speed soooo yeah...

im like 60kg not sure how much thats in american weighting thing, but im buying an cr125

i could be wrong but i don't think mild weight differences have that much of an effect on top speed.  Since it is rolling mass a few pounds here and there don't change much for top speed, however it does effect acceleration and deceleration :thumbsup:    And again, who cares about top speed unless you are just blasting fire roads all day.  

125 2t's are a hoot, i need to get another when i have a chance, just waiting for the right one to show up used. 

true, yea ik their like hard to find now a days

lots of cr's around me, people asking too much though.  Trying to find a used 06 + yz125 though is like winning the loto.  People must really hang onto them, i rarely ever see them up for sale.  

yea, back here people like asking 4000$ for like 01 cr125, and i offered them like low prices but their never wanna go down in price

hi guys, does anyone know how fast a 2003 cr125 would go with a fmf fatty pipe and shorty 

I’ve clocked my 2002 cr125 (the engine on the 03 is 99% the same!) at 65mph on a flat road wide open. With stock gearing you’ll be looking at about 60.

It’s fast enough to get you anywhere you need, but you have to remember it has to be wiiiddee open.
They state 74.6 mph top speed..........................



Psh. I don’t believe it.


I have a taller rear sprocket and this is what my bike was clocked at.




I had a 4mph head wind, but I don’t think that would knock 15-20mph off...

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