KTM 85 Trail Bike ?

Looking at building a trail bike out of a 2015 KTM 85 SXS. Yes I know that is not what it is made for but can it be done. I am thinking a fly wheel weight and much lower gearing. Any other ideas? My son is currently on a TTR 125 but he is at the point he needs something with better suspension and power also it is heavy. There just is not much out there for good trail bikes for these 12-15 year old kids. Any thoughts would be appreciated.





Have you ever considered buying a 125 and then having the suspension lowered?  Then in a couple years when he grows some you can have the suspension put back to normal height.

How tall is your son now?

Granted, if your really wanting a real kid friendly trail bike then an SX85 is about as far away from a trail bike as you can get.  A Japanese 125 / 150 4t would be a better choice.  They wear like iron. have a solid resale and some even come with electric start (plus a kicker).  That makes less work for you because now your not constantly starting two bikes...

We've got a bunch of kids in my circle of friends running the 85's, we don't change much, big tank, hand guards, let the kids rip. The beautiful thing is you can swap to the bigger wheels as they grow until they are ready for a big bike. 

I just picked up an 85 for my son, who just outgrew his kx65. It's a 2012, I don't plan on making any changes to it other than the tank and handguards. Maybe a skid plate if I start bringing the little guy with me to rocky trails. 

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A friends son rode one. Good lowend for a 85. It wasnt worth adding the bigger wheels. Better off  selling and buying a 105. He added notng but handguards. 

 For a timid rider it can be a tough adjustment coming off a play bike. 


 The turning radius at full lock is stupidly big. 

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