New top triple clamp by BRP

Looks good

Yeah looks good, but how is BRP’s quality?  I never bought anything from them before. 

BRP is top notch

Good to know thanks. Now, how is the idea of what they are trying to accomplish?  I wanted flex bars but BRP told me if I am looking for anti vibration the flex bars will not help that much. If I can’t lessen this vibration I might have to give up riding!  I had a nasty crash due to the vibrations and causing my right hand going numb.

Look at the price I have x trig and PhDs for about the same price

No kidding, expensive AF. OP needs options and it is his money/choice.

I know that mako is stupid money. I would never buy that unless they came down into the very low 3’s high 2’s. I like the idea though. Great design. 

Why does it cost much more than the ee one ?

I have a different brp system that uses the same 4 cushion system. Even with the soft cushions it's pretty rigid compared to flexx bars or the phds.  Does you yz use cushion bar mounts now? might be time to replace them and retorque.  

There is no cushion anywhere on the yz it’s all metal on metal 

After reading forum after forum I have now thrown in another product the RG3.  The XC Gear clamp is $439 and the RG3 top triples are $309.  The BRP top triple is $290.  I just can't figure out how the heck the XC gear top clamp is that much money when it is only just a top clamp for the bars.  I have toyed with the idea of Flexx bars but I don't think they take the vibration zing out of the bars.   

PhDs soft green elastomers cost me £140 total ,removed most of the vibes

It is gonna coat ya money no matter, pick a solution best suited to you as many here have their own ideas, etc. The XC thing looks wonky to me. I like the BRP 4 post with the soft cushions and same with Flex bars. You can augment further with a Boyesen Flex Grip.

Alright I think BRP it is because I don’t even know if you can run a stabilizer with the RG3. Flex bars are going to have to wait. But I like those grips though. Wonder if they actually work?  

The Flex Grip is fantastic, especially with grips of your own choice. Only drawback is having to buy 2 sets due to the left side being a throttle tube essentially. 

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