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2001 YZ426F for $250

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So ever since i rode my buddies 426 years ago ive been on the hunt for one. I dont like buying anything advertised as "runs good" or "fully built" to many unknowns and im just cheap like that, lol. So one day after waking up from a night shift Facebook answered my prays so to speak. 2001 YZ426F for $300 with a siezed crank 20 minutes from my house, only one picture of the bike in pieces. Naturally i wrote the guy who told me it was all there and not much else. Offered him $200 we settled at $250 and i was on my way. Get to the location and its a shop, great news it appears to be all there, all parts are bagged and labeled. Started looking over the bike more, its in fantastic shape, cylinder is clean no damage still has the cross hatching, head has a little carbon dusting but the valves are tight and appear to seal properly. Big end of the crank was seized up as already known, piston is free of damage but the rest of the bottom end looks brand new. Frame has no visible cracks, has a full Two Brothers exhaust system (anyone know about these? cant find any info about TBR having an application for this bike), ASV unbreakables, pro taper fat bars, aluminum frame guards and skid plate. Pricing parts to replace im thinking about $400 to get it back up and going. If i decide i dont want to get it going i figure i can part out and make my money back many times over, but im in love with it. I feel like i stole it at $250 but while im super excited to have my dream bike i wont lie im deathly afraid of it, but wouldnt have it any other way!

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